Environmental Impact Assessment


EIA Study

Environmental Impact Assessment in accordance with RoK requirements

Customer: Oil Company (consortium of major international oil companies)
Country: Kazakhstan
Location: Onshore
Project: Giant Gas/Oil Field Development

Scope of Work:
Environmental Impact Assessment for the purposes of determining ecological impacts and other consequences from operating/incidental scenarios, supporting managerial and economic decisions to be taken, identifying recommendations as to improvement of the environment, prevention of destruction, degradation, damage to and depletion of natural ecological systems and natural resources.
Scope of the EIA will consist in the determination of ecological impact related to:
– New plant facilities;
– Interconnecting lines with existing central processing facilities;
– Modifications to the existing central processing plant facilities;
– New transportation pipelines;
– Construction and Operational phase’s issues.
Preparation of the EIA was undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the RoK Environmental Code and Ministry of Environmental Protection Instruction dated 28 February 2004 ‘Environmental Impact Assessment of Planned Business Operations during Pre-Planning, Front-End Engineering and Design Documentation Development Stages’.
All the relevant legal and administrative Kazakhstan guidelines and documents, including both National and Regional Legislation have been identified and used to guide the preparation of the EIA.
The EIA is considered an integral part of the approval process and will be submitted for approval to the RoK regulatory authorities.

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